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Thread: Grandfathered Plan (Classic 1000 Minute--Talk)... is it time to upgrade?

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    Grandfathered Plan (Classic 1000 Minute--Talk)... is it time to upgrade?

    Hi all, I need some advice. So I've had the same grandfathered family plan for as long as I can remember. I was always wary about switching out of this plan since I can't get it back. I'm wondering if it's finally time to upgrade or if I should continue to cling onto the plan.

    I have 3 lines:

    $50 - First 2 lines included
    $5 - 3rd line (it used to be +$10 but I somehow have a reduced price version)
    $15 - $5/line preferred android unlimited data x 3 lines (orig $20/line, but now it's $5)
    $10 - texting for one line (the other two doesn't really need it. I have it blocked since it gets a $0.20 charge per text)

    Total comes out to around $110 after tax.

    Now, I also have a friend from a different carrier who would be interested in joining my family plan (via porting the number from verizon). I'd have to upgrade to one of the newer magenta plans for unlimited plans (talk, text, data). I also haven't been taking advantage of the free phone upgrades via bill credits and not sure if it works differently nowadays.

    Thoughts? Greatly appreciated!

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    You might be able to get by with the Essentials plan that currently has four lines for $105 plus tax.

    Magenta is four lines for $140 (tax included.)

    Essentials gives you talk, text and 50 GB of high speed data per line. Hotspot is limited to 3G speeds.

    Magenta gives one Netflix (one screen) subscription.

    There's a comparison button here if you'd like to look at it:

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    Also call and talk to CS, they may have a way to get you on SelectChoice (I know most of those codes have been retired), but for these old plans they sometimes have something new/better in the system you can still add lines too.

    Also try T-Force through twitter, they're usually very amazing to work with.
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