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Thread: Anyone using Visible? How is it compared to Post-Paid?

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    Anyone using Visible? How is it compared to Post-Paid?

    I am using Visible+ and find the speeds to be decent. Upload can be terrible at times. With all the congestion in my area it seldom matches my T-Mobile line in SpeedTests.

    I am curious if Verizon Post-paid users see better speeds than Visible+?

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    I like visible.

    I have unlimited hotspot and have used over 200 GB in a month. Having unlimited hotspot is a game changer for me because I like to use my laptop on hotspot all day. I also use visible for my home internet.

    You are limited to 1 hotspot connection at a time so that is slightly inconvenient.

    I don't use postpaid but I hear they have faster speeds but my speeds on hotspot are fast enough to stream video.

    Also with visible you have to get support online so postpaid has better support.

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    Similar to brad4cell I use Visible to hotspot my laptop & I use over 300Gb per month. But for streaming from my Roku from Hulu & Prime Video doesn't work.
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    I have both right now. Speeds in the small town I live in might be 1/10th on Visible as compared to post paid at times. Other times it’s close. It’s inconsistent. But I still experience delayed text or missed calls. I would it want my main number on this service.

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