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    Auto Pay

    Anyone have an issue with account getting disconnected, while on autopay? I have 2 phones on my account, both have been on autopay for years. I'm on the 90 day plan, and 90 days ago both were on autopay. One got disconnected, they said "that plan no longer supports autopay". WTF! So I have a Pixel 6a on autopay that seems to be fine. I have a Tracfone LG flip (wife), that had the issue. So now I have to remember to refill every 90 days? Both phone switched to Verizon sim 2 or 3 months ago. Also, my Pixel isn't showing an info (minutes, etc) on their web page or app. If I didn't have 4000 minutes rolling over for $20 every 90 days, I'd be looking elsewhere!
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    Until you get the auto pay resolved, I would suggest using the Android Calendar app to give yourself a timely notification reminder of when you need to add airtime. I only discovered this feature fairly recently, and I now use it for important date reminders where I had previously relied on a portable paper calendar that I would have to take with me that I sometimes forgot.

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