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    Apple care or AT&T protection

    What's the best Bang for the buck?

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    Just go to the At&t internet site and compare the 2 options. I know that they are priced differently and offer different features. Apple Care tends to be more expensive and thorough, but I have never owned an iPhone myself.
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    I know this response is a little late but honestly I used to use Verizon’s protection plan for many years until I switched to AppleCare+ when I got my 11 Pro and it’s been fantastic.

    Like any good insurance it’s better to have coverage and not need it then to need coverage and not have it. Of course, you’ll need to weigh whether or not you think you’ll need it. I took a look at what AT&T is offering verses what Apple is offering and honestly, to me, Apple is better.

    AT&T is offering up to 3 claims for loss, theft, and physical damage and 2 claims of accidental damage from handling within a 12 month period, where as Apple is offering unlimited claims for accidental damage (and if you get Loss and Theft Protection you’ll also get 2 claims for theft and loss within a 12 month period).

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