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Thread: Testing cheap 5G phone speeds

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    Testing cheap 5G phone speeds

    This thread is for posting the results of A/B speed testing with various providers' SIMs.

    The idea is these data points will demonstrate which devices are "well matched" to take advantage of each carrier's real-world rollout of 5G tech

    Comparisons with 4G is relevant, but let's try to keep apples to apples as much as possible.

    Obviously YMMV with location and even time of day, but tests of any given pair / thruple should be taken back to back in a fixed location.

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    Letter labels are arbitrary for reference

    C. Moto G 5G XT2213-3 unlocked purchased direct from Motorola


    B. XT2213DL from Tracfone, now unlocked

    Using TF VZW service and Ookla app

    C. 15.7Mbps up, 5.61 down

    B. 34.4Mbps up, 3.46 down

    Obviously the TF device B is more specifically targeted to VZW's radio bands

    Perhaps future tests will show that C factory unlocked is faster with TMO and/or ATT

    Knowledgeable members are welcome to analyze the RF band specific comparisons, just don't trust the third-party sites too much try to use Motorola and FCC documentation if available.

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    Motorola A32, (was free), 1200Mbps/90Mbps on 5G T-Mobile, LTE B2+B4+B71 - typical 250Mbps/55Mbps, 'peak' (one site loaded) 420Mbps/55Mbps. B41 2x20MHz = 220Mbps/16Mbps.

    Motorola Edge 2022, 1600Mbps/140Mbps on 5G T-MObile, LTE B2+B4+B71 - typical 250Mbps/55Mbps, peak 420Mbps/55Mbps.
    Note: Peak upload once was hitting 200Mbps on 5G T-Mobile (n41 + n25).
    AT&T... your world, throttled.

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