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Thread: Google Voice may use mobile data even when on Wi-Fi

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    Google Voice may use mobile data even when on Wi-Fi

    Beware of this intended "feature":

    There were reports even before 12/2022, but I just noticed this (what I'd call bug) the first time.

    This is not about using up mobile minutes when "Use carrier only" is selected.
    Rather, this is when "Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data" is selected, and Google Voice decides to use mobile data even when on Wi-Fi.

    To force Wi-Fi (and override Google Voice's selection), toggle on Airplane mode, toggle on Wi-Fi.

    At the same location:
    • One LG Phoenix 2 phone running Voice version 2022.12.26.499603069 did not use mobile data.
    • Two LG Xpression Plus phones running Voice version 2023.04.03.521591364 used mobile data (when on Wi-Fi, and when Wi-Fi Calling was also on as indicated by icon in status bar). But did not use mobile data when moved closer to the router.
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    I'd say if you're you're not mobile and have good Wi-Fi signal you still should be manually switching off mobile data. That's the only way to be sure with these things. Automation isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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