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    iPhone 7 international model - What does that mean?

    A seller on Bonanza has for sale an iPhone 7, "international model". The item traits says: Phone is in great working condition but is an International Model, (Latin America Service). It is a model iPhone 7 A1778.

    Sometimes sellers of used phones don't really understand what they're selling, so I thought I would ask here before I consider buying it.

    I travel to Latin America periodically (Honduras and Dominican Republic) and it would be nice to have a phone that I can insert a local SIM card into and use my normal phone when I'm connected to wifi.

    Should I ask any specific questions about this phone regarding bands or any other details? I don't need another phone for use in the US, and that's not my concern.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    iPhone 7 international model - What does that mean?

    The only difference between that model and the one that was sold in the US is the lack of CDMA (and China specific TD-SCDMA) according to the official specifications. They had the same LTE bands.

    It’s likely the seller is mentioning the model so that people on carriers that use a whitelist (Verizon and recently AT&T) know they might have issues activating it.

    You should be fine buying if you only plan to use it while traveling. Just make sure it is unlocked for other carriers.

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    Should work fine on TMO

    CDMA is irrelevant for USA anymore but as mentioned AT&T and VZW demand IMEI be whitelisted

    Dunno if store managers still have the ability to add a compatible phone ?

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