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Thread: Virgin Plus 5G issue

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    Virgin Plus 5G issue

    So earlier this month I switched my Virgin Plus plan to a 5G plan and I am not receiving 5G, I am using an unlocked Canadian Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, my phone does work on 5G as I tried my friend's SIM in my phone who is on a 5G Telus and my phone was on 5G. What I did notice is when I go to the phone dialer and do *#2263# in brings up ServiceMode BAND SELECTION.

    From there I can view SIM 1 and SIM 2 (eSIM)

    Both SIMs were with Virgin Plus and when I look at each SIM there was no bands under NR5G, it's just blank.

    So I switched my CSC to Bell, and then put my SIM back in and turned on my phone, SIM 1 is now showing with Virgin and SIM 2 (eSIM) is showing with Bell.

    Now when I check the NR5G bands under both SIMs, SIM 1 is again blank but SIM 2 shows the bands for 5G

    Anybody with Virgin Plus using a Samsung getting 5G?

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    Virgin Plus 5G issue

    When you switched your plan to a 5G one, did you also get a 5G SIM card?

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