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Thread: VoIP + UNL tablet plan strategy for lowest cost, high GB/mo

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    VoIP + UNL tablet plan strategy for lowest cost, high GB/mo

    Did not want to derail my "PayGo GBs" thread, so starting this to continue discussion of robbyrobby 's proposed strategy, outlined here

    Quote Originally Posted by robbyrobby View Post
    My some what tentative plan
    Sounds good, if you need those SIM-enabled tablets anyway and don't mind carrying them everwhere.

    I manage dozens of F&F lines, we mostly use TextNow the same way, but few use tablets at all, much less paying for iFruit

    SIM-enabled Android tablets, or other portable devices in general are expensive and bulky.

    Small mifi / travel routers like GL.iNet would suit better, if the magic would fool carriers into thinking they are tablets.

    But really, phone based plans + hotspotting would be my (our) preference, many don't use that much data while out&about.

    Our 600-800GB/mo usage takes place mostly at home so physically larger SIM-based routers / APs / @Home units are fine

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    for the T-Mobile plans, prepaid, postpaid, business, etc. the SIM's work perfectly fine in phones, including ones know to T-Mobile such as there branded phones. my plan explained on the other thread is to use my SIM in a phone not a tablet.

    it is just that they are 'intended' for tablets. in some activation situations you may need to provide a tablet IMEI for initial activation to get the plan options to populate. on the business activation site you can skip the IMEI step and than select 'tablet' as the type of device you are ordering the SIM for. no restriction after on the the device used in except may not work in dedicated hotspots or home internet modems, some are reporting success even in those type of devices though.

    ATT tablet plans also generally work in many/most phones although I do believe its a TOS violation and some people have been notified they need to put the SIMs back in the correct device type.

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    I have used my primary GV # since 2009, and I've used it via data only since 2017. There are lots of data points about the T-Mobile now grandfathered $10/mo business tablet plan in the thread started by robbyrobby at As I understand it, this plan is still available, but now at $15/mo.

    Also, if anyone is interested, you can read about how I used this plan with GV internationally at

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