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Thread: LG G8X ThinQ - no wifi calling option visible (Fido)

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    LG G8X ThinQ - no wifi calling option visible (Fido)

    I bought this phone in Costco unlocked 3 years ago. LG G8X ThinQ, Model LG G850UM40c. Single screen (but initial setup done for dual). Android 12. Provider - Fido.
    Recently tried to set WiFi Calling but was not able to find such menu option neither in the Phone icon or in the general settings.
    Any advice/help would be appreciated. I do not want to by another cellphone just because of this problem. I presume that all LG G8X ThinQ phones supposed to have this feature.

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    WIFI calling on phones not purchased from the carrier can be a crap shoot. Call your carrier for help.

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