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    Back to AT&T

    Been a long time since I've used AT&T, like 20 years. I was using Mint(t-mo)but signal at home was poor and data at home not to reliable because of poor signal most of the time.So I trialed the AT&T prepaid using a prepaid card for a couple of months and was pleasantly surprised at the full signal and fast data speeds. Decided to go with a $99/3mo. plan for now.
    What a frickin' nightmare porting over my number though. I will say the reps were very good and got it straightened out finally. I hope that's going to be the end of the issues. My home internet while usually reliable sometimes has hiccups so that means at times I would need to hotspot my phone to a tablet for weekly Zoom meetings. This faster data speed will make that a much better experience. Previously with Mint I needed to drive to a cell tower and park nearby to be able to get enough reliable data speed, Lol. Anyway, just thought I'd share and hoping this works out longer term

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    I switched my wife's number to the AT&T prepaid $300/360 day plan, and I agree that the porting process needs massive improvement, on the AT&T side. T-Mobile prepaid was simple and fast. I later ported my number to GV, so that I never need to go through the porting process, for my number, with anyone ever again, I hope.
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    Glad OP is sorted.
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