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Thread: T-Mobile surpasses Verizon as biggest prepaid carrier

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    T-Mobile surpasses Verizon as biggest prepaid carrier

    Verizon really blew their opportunity to rule the US prepaid market.

    Read more:

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    This is surprising to me with VZW owning TF.
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    T-Mobile surpasses Verizon as biggest prepaid carrier

    Quote Originally Posted by zapjb View Post
    This is surprising to me with VZW owning TF.
    TFW ended up with lots of churn once they started moving people away from blue and magenta SIMs. That was the only reason some people stayed with them, as it didn’t require as much effort to retain service perks like rollover or double minutes while moving between MNOs.

    This wasn’t really surprising.

    It also helps that the majority of Sprint's MVNOs moved to TMUS almost immediately after the merger closure.

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