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    I'm guessing you're talking about the Simply Prepaid plans, rather than Connect or Mobile Internet? Probably not, although for a single line they can be a better value if they meet your needs. Unlike Metro and various MVNOs, T-Mobile Prepaid plans are the same QCI as postpaid, so that's a bit of an advantage if you're in an area that can be congested.

    1) Connect is hard-capped, so it would be apples-to-oranges in comparison with your Go5G Plus Up plan. It's cheap and all the data can be used for hotspot, but that's about the only advantage.

    2) Simply Prepaid is their "main" prepaid plans, a 10GB one for $40 and unlimited ones for $50 and $60. They haven't changed with the postpaid plans, so they're more like the old One or early Magenta plans. The $50 one has unlimited throttled hotspot, the $60 one has 10GB high-speed hotspot, then throttled. The on-device usage is deprioritized after 50GB. All have access to T-Mobile Tuesdays/T Life:

    Taxes and fees are usually a lot less (usually just sales tax & E911), so the $50 unlimited prepaid one is arguably a better deal than a single line on Essentials Saver. One thing that's nice is that you can move between these and the Connect plans, so it's fairly easy to upgrade/downgrade. They can use the often-on-sale refill cards, so you can get service for less than the advertised price.

    Finally, if you do make the move, T-Mobile runs their prepaid on a different billing system, so you'd go through the steps as though you're porting to a different carrier to migrate (postpaid would need phone #, account #, temporary port out PIN; prepaid would just need that information to port in). If you're starting prepaid service, I'd recommend setting up the new line with a new "temporary" number, making sure everything works, create a login, etc., and then use the self-service tool on the account management site to port your postpaid number in—if everything matches, it will almost instantaneously replace the "temporary" number.

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    So, no.

    Thanks for all those extra details.

    I put 600-800GB/mo through for a few cycles and nary a peep, plus low latency so good for @Home replacement,

    over $15 cheaper, my cost is $40 all up...

    Seems to be a great deal, might ask for another slot when one opens up.

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