I went to Harvard yesterday with my friend, who is also my classmate. We took the subway from Alewife to Harvard Square. My friend had a AT&T GAIT phone (TDMA + GSM). I was having my wife's VX6000 (ENS swap for just one day). We decided to compare our signals.

Both the phones had comparable signal in Alewife. We got down at Harvard Square, and were walking towards the stairs that lead outside. Even when I was underground at a considerable distance from the stairs, my phone had signal while my friend's Siemens didnt. After walking 30 feet, his phone caught signal (2 bars), but I had FULL signal on my vx6000. This is just before the stairs.

His phone also caught up with mine after we came to the road. We walked to Emerson hall where our class was scheduled. However, we were a few minutes early and we decided to go to the basement level (It is both deep and long). In the front part of the basement, my vx6000 still had full signals, while his AT&T Siemens had only 2 bars. We walked to the end of the basement (Very deep and long with thick ceilings and walls). His phone lost complete signal and mine still had 1 or 2 bars. Nowhere in the building, I lost full signal.

My friend is now considering leaving AT&T and going with Verizon after he found the awesome inbuilding penetration of Verizon signal. He also noted that when he visited my house (in a Boston suburb), my phone had 3 bars to full signal strength, while AT&T phone had to struggle to keep the call from not dropping with just 1 or 2 bar signal.

This episode has resolved my faith in the awesome coverage of Verizon. VZW is the true coverage king. Even if others have coverage, their in-building penetration is nowhere near to that of Verizon.