Personal guardian angel

Benefon Seraph NT
•Personal protection device for individuals
•Professional safety solution for lone-workerprotection, work-flow management, victims of crimeor people under threat

•People in need of a personal safety solution
•Who live or move in risky environments e.g. extremesports
•Who are on the move alone
•Who are under threat or have been victims of crime

•People feeling unsafe
•Elderly people wanting to live an active life, childrenand disabled
•People suffering from illnesses, e.g. temporary lossof memory
•People experiencing a feeling of danger


Emergency functionality
Information call

Remote operations
•Configuration–settings, phone numbers
•Simple location request with history
•Tracking, various triggers–time, speed, area, date&time,continuos
•Multiple geo fencing–inbound/outbound, simultaneous
•GPS mode adjustment
•Information messages–poor GPS coverage, low battery,powering down