Hi everyone, i am new to these forums. I just got T-Mobile (before I had verizon...very happy with them, I just wanted to GSM phones and world-wide capeability). I recently had a problem today, and I was wondering if anyone might be able to
shed some light on the prob.

Yesterday I was downloading pics from my Motorola V300 using my USB data cable and MPT, works no probs, while it was connected (idle, not downloading pics or anything) I recieved 2 calls, one and then another on call waiting. After i receive the second, i disconnect the cable so I can walk into another room and talk. After the conversation my phone will not disconnect, it thinks that it is still in a call. Ever since, i have not been able to receive calls and I have difficulty placing calls ONLY WHILE AT HOME(which is where the even happened)! Full signal stregnth at home, never a prob before. Problem is ONLY AT MY HOUSE! Placing calls takes two attempts, first it says call failed (with full signal) and then it asks "retry?" I say yes and it goes thru fine. When I go a few miles away, everyhing works just fine. I assume that it is a prob with my home area's cell, and not a problem with my mobile unit? What could be the prob? Any suggestion on how I might be able to remedy this myself, help it, or tell customer care? I already called customer care and they are going to foward the problem to the engineers, but I was just curious as to what you all thought.

Thanks in advnace,