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Thread: Unable to dial out on one particular phone

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    Unable to dial out on one particular phone


    Picked up a siemens a56 off of ebay today. I'm finding that I can't dial out or receive calls.

    If I dial out, the call ends and I get some tones that appear to tell me that the system's busy
    If I try to dial my number, it doesn't go through.

    I put the sim into my SL55 and everything is fine.

    I'm wondering if anyone might know what the problem is?
    If it helps, my sim card is actually quite old (at least from 1999). Could there be some incompatibility?

    Not sure whether to post this into Fido or Siemens forum, so I've posted in both to help get answers from a network and/or hardware perspective.

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    one thing to check may be your settings. make sure that call screening is not on under your setting menu. this could prevent you from receiving calls from anyone not saved in your phonebook. when you try and call out, do you hear 3 beeps, and then it hangs up?? if so, then it might be a phone that was reported lost or stolen, in which case get your money back, cuz its pretty much useless. good luck!

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    That's good to know bewcause I have this stashed away some where and I have been wanting to donate it to the women's shelters, but I always had that problem. By the way, is a great place to pass off your ols phones to the disenfranchised.

    Thanks pal!