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Thread: Internal Error #4238. Translation Canceled!

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    Question Internal Error #4238. Translation Canceled!

    Anyone have any insight into this error? I'm trying to sync my BB 7510 with my corporate Lotus Notes. I can sync my Address Book, Tasks, and Memos without issue. I know those three items are stored locally vs. calendar which is on the server.

    After choosing "Synchronize now", Intellisync chugs for a while....reading about 900 items (out of 1400) from "Lotus Notes 5.0 Calendar" and then dies with the following error:


    A Lotus Notes Error has occurred! Please see the log for further details!"

    Upon checking the log, I see the #4238 error but can't really find any information regarding the cause.

    The IT guy at work had no clue. He's never setup a BlackBerry before and was basically reading instructions that someone gave he was of no use at all when we hit this "snag."

    Here's some information:
    Device - BlackBerry 7510 v3.7.1.22 (platform
    RIMDeviceManager -
    BBDevMgr -
    Lotus Notes - R5.0.10
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