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Thread: sim card 32k

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    s2000tu Guest

    sim card 32k

    Hi i have a nokia 8890 and I would like to buy a 32k sim card. Where guys get a 32k sim? Is it sold by fido? What is the difference between 16k and 32k6

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    supergsm Guest

    Re: sim card 32k

    All new SIM sold by FIDO is 32K SIM!
    But FIDO 32K SIM does have any benefit!
    Almost same as 16K, store 100 name and 30 SMSs.
    Voicestream/Cingular 32K SIM is great, store 250 names!

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    torontonian2001 Guest

    Re: 32K SIM.

    If you currently have a Fido phone, and you would like to buy a new SIM, I think Fido will sell it for you. Even if you are not a Fido customer, some stores would sell a SIM to you though, but it really depends on who you talk to.

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    deguman1 Guest

    Re: sim card 32k

    pardon my french, but what the hell is a sim card, and why is everybody always talking about them

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    farfromuman Guest

    Re: sim card 32k

    I got a 32KB sim card from Cingular it can hold 250 numbers but how many SMS can it hold?

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    ValentinaDeb Guest

    Re: sim card 32k

    Wouldn't the capacity be a moot point if you used the phone memory? I'm considering NOT getting a higher SIM since the 7190 holds so much data, and the 8890 holds enough as well for my purposes. Does it matter?

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    torontonian2001 Guest

    Definition of the SIM Card.

    For explanation of the SIM card, please refer to this page and look at Smart Card:

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    wevilone Guest

    "The Difference Between 16k & 32k SIM Cards"

    I'm sure that many of you have ran into this problem, when you download an "operator logo" and your phone recieves it, you display it, and then after you save it, it doesn't show. Well thats cuz only a 32k SIM will let you change "operator logos."

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    nug050 Guest

    Re: "The Difference Between 16k & 32k SIM Cards"

    The major differences between the 16k and 32k SIM Cards are that the 32k can hold more than the 16k...certain subscribers (namely PacBell/Cingular) override the stored logo regardless of what sized SIM Card you have...

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