/////alpine Cda-7863 240w (60w X 4) Gta
Hey guys how are u, well i have this deck it is in good condtion an amazing deck 240w motorized face BBE and so much more i am in the gta asking $200 obo CAD for this deck obo
pm me if ur intrested also willing to trade for a phone.

Key Features
• MaxTune SQ Tuner
• Bass Enginr Plus
• 60W x 4 V-Drive Power Amplifier
• Versatile-Link Ready
• Wireless Remote Control Included
• 2 PreOuts
• Rotary Encoder Volume Knob
• Anti-Theft Detachable Face
• BBE Processor
• CD Text Display
• Regulated 1-Bit DAC
• CD Changer Control

Wow, 240 Watts from a radio! Is it true? Yes the Alpine CDA-7863 includes the exclusive "V-Drive" internal amplifier which delivers an incredible 60 Watts x 4 making them extremely versatile. It has 2 RCA outputs that can be switched to Front/Rear or Front/Sub. The Bass Engine Plus® allows you to fully personalize the sound system to your specific tastes.


Ai-Talk Display
External Processor Preset Function Recall
Multi CD Shuttle Control
CD Player

1 Disc DP-S Mechanism
8x Oversampling
CD Text, CD Text Display, CD Text Scroll
CD-R Compatibility
Digital Servo
Disc Play/Pause
Disc Title Memory
M.I.X. (Random Play)
Music Scan/Repeat
Music Sensor
Regulated 1-Bit DAC
CD Shuttle Control

CD Text Display/Scroll
Direct Disc Selection
Disc Play/Pause
Disc Title Memory
M.I.X. One/All (Random Play One or All)
Music Scan/Repeat
Music Sensor (Skip)
T.S.M. (Title Search Menu)
T.S.M. Scroll (Title Search Menu Scroll)
T.S.M. Scroll (Title Search Menu/Scroll)
General-Head Units

3-Position HP/LP Crossover (12dB/Oct.)
Bass Center Frequency Control
Bass Width Adjustment
Subwoofer Level Control
Subwoofer Phase Control
Treble Center Frequency Control
2 PreOuts
60W x 4 V-Drive Amplifier
Anti-Theft Detachable Front Panel
Audio Interrupt In
Bass Engine Plus™
Detachable Trim Plate
Dimmer-on Lead
Fader & Balance Controls
Gold-Plated RCA Connectors
Operation Indicator
Power Antenna Lead
Remote-on Lead
Rotary Encoder Volume Knob
S.T.M.(Source Tone Memory)
Selectable Fader
Sound Guide
Source BBE Memory
Spectrum Analyzer
Swing Face Mechanism
Versatile Link Ready

Auto Memory
D.A.P. (Direct Access Preset)
FM Stereo Indicator
Local/DX Selection
MaxTune SQ Tuner
Preset Address Indicator
Preset Stations (FM:12/AM:6/DAP:6)
Station Title Memory
Stereo/Mono Selection
Title Search Menu/Scroll
Up/Down Seek
AM Tuner

Tuning Range : 530-1,710 kHz
Usable Sensitivity (IEC Standard) : 22.5/27.0 (uV/dBf)
CD Player

Channel Separation (1kHz) : 85 dB
DAC Type : Regulated 1-Bit
Dynamic Range (1kHz) : 95 dB
Frequency Response : 5-20k ±1 dB
Number of DACs : 2
Oversampling : 8X/352.8kHz
Sampling Rate : 44.1kHz
Signal-to-Noise (S/N) : 105 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) : 0.008%
Wow & Flutter (%WRMS) : B.M.L

Crossover Slope : 12 dB/Octave
Crossover Type : Analog
High Pass Crossover Frequency : Off/80Hz/120Hz/180Hz
Low Pass Crossover Frequency : Off/180Hz/120Hz/80Hz
FM Tuner

50dB Quieting Sensitivity : 1.3/13.5 (uV/dBf)
Alternate Channel Selectivity : 80.0 dB
Capture Ratio : 2.0 dB
Mono Usable Sensitivity : 0.8/9.3 (uV/dBf)
Signal-to-Noise (SN) : 80.0 dB
Stereo Separation : 45.0 dB
Tuning Range : 87.7-107.9 MHz
General-Head Units

Bass Center Frequency Selection : 60Hz, 70Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz, 100Hz, 130Hz, 150Hz, 180Hz
Bass Control Range at 60Hz : ±15 dB
Chassis Size (W x H x D)in : 7”x2”x6-1/8”
Chassis Size (W x H x D)mm : 178mm x 50mm x 155mm
Continous Power Output (Note 2) : 27Wx4
Crossover Selection (HP/LP) : 80Hz, 120Hz, 160Hz
Maximum Mounting Angle : 30° from Horizontal
Maximum Power Output (Note 1) : 60Wx4
Nose Piece Size (W x H x D)in : 6-3/4” x 1-13/16” x 3/4”
Nose Piece Size (W x H x D)mm : 170mm x 46mm x 19 mm
Operating Temperature (°C/°F) : 60°C (140°F) to -10°C (14°F)
Power Requirement : 14.4(11-16) V.DC
Pre Output Voltage (Before Clipping) : 2 V
Subwoofer Level Control Range : 0 To –15dB
Treble Center Frequency Selection : 10kHz, 12.5kHz, 15kHz, 17.5kHz
Treble Control Range at 10kHz : ±10 dB
Weight : 1.5kg (3lbs. 5 oz)