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Thread: ? Hacking TracFone 5100 series to program differnt number?

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    ? Hacking TracFone 5100 series to program differnt number?

    *First, a disclaimer*

    For everyone who clicks on the subject thinking that this is a way to get free minutes, it's not. Don't ask, if you are trying to do that go here:

    and direct any questions that you have about how to get that to work on THAT forum, NOT on this one.
    If you are to scared to click on the link it basically says that what you do is buy a data cable, download some nokia reprogramming software, hook the phone up to your computer, copy over the phones settings, restore it to factory settings and then use the phone like normal, this will disable the "Airtime Bank" counter on the phone allowing you to make/receive calls for free. I don't know if they mention it there, but you would probably still have to buy cards occasionally to reup the expiration date. They do mention that some of the people doing that had tracfone suspend the service for their phone so don't give out personal info and you will have to buy new equipment and get a new phone number, etc, etc, making it more trouble than it's worth considering the cheap rates of some of the prepaid providers that you can use 100% legitimately.

    *And now to the heart of the matter*

    TracFone uses a string of charcters to program your phone to use a certain SID and Phone Number (at least) that I know of for sure, I think that SOC programming might be in there somewhere, but I'm not sure.

    Why do I care about something this mundane? It's a LONG story.
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    Both are equally not worth reading, lets stay focused on the task at hand.

    For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, (who has gotten this far and still cares), on a normal Nokia phone you can press:
    And be prompted to enter in the phone number you want (MIN for a 5100 series, meaning not your phone number but the "routing number" assigned by the carrier) and then the code for your provider in the area (SID) and the phone will be programmed with the new number. This is what you would normally do if you were to change phone numbers or move from one metro area to another.

    You could also press:
    *3001#12345# (where 12345 is your security code, the default is 12345)
    And find programming for the NAM1 and NAM2, you could change the phone numbers here as well as the SID or SOC.

    TracFone, to make it EASIER and more secure, has you press in a code:
    and it brings up this screen:
    and you type in a code, hit the big middle button, and if it says "Code Accepted" it will do something to your phone like change the number or add airtime, but if it says "Invalid Code" then it means you didn't do something right, what that is I don't know yet.
    Tip: If it says "Invalid Code" twice, power the phone off and then on, it coming up saying "Invalid Code" three times will lock the phone and make it say "PrePaid Service disabled" and you have to mail it to TracFone to have it unlocked.
    Once that Code: prompt comes up, you enter in this code to change our phone number and SID:

    3925 9073 0540 0004 2280 6543 1742

    Then press OK.
    Now for that code that I just showed, it put in the sid and phone number.

    Let's break that code down just a little and then we'll get into the meat and potatoes of the deal.

    the part that reads
    0004 2280
    I am 99% sure that
    0 "00422" 80
    is the SID. An SID is the "System ID" for a company and area, in this instance Cingular Wireless in Lubbock TX is 422. But SID's can be five digits so we assume that you would have to enter 00422 to put in a sid of 422

    Assumption 1: Places 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 are the SID

    Now the last 10 digits are, you guessed it, the phone number, (well, not really the phone number, the MIN or Mobile Identity Number which is a routing number that the phone company uses "behind the scenes" to route calls to you, phones activated after 2003 usually have MIN/MDN seperation, meaning the MIN is differnt from the MDN or Mobile Dialable Number (your phone number)

    the part that reads:
    2280 6543 1742
    I am 99% sure that
    22 "806 543 1742"
    is the phone number they want programmed in
    Don't bother calling it, it's a MIN, not a phone number, and the number it went along with got canceled on 9/1/2004 when I ported in my number.

    Okay so we know what places 14-28 are, what are the other numbers?

    I of coure, tried to just change digit 27 to a different number (the MIN that I need) and it came back with an "Invalid Code", so it's not "just as simple as that".

    Assumption 2: places 19-28 is the phone number/MIN

    Now a phone is normally also programmed with a SOC code, a 4 digit code (or is it 3 digit?) that identifies your carrier. The carrier in this instance was 0003 or "3" which in Cingular Wireless, but I ddin't see any 0003 spaces in that code, did you?

    If anyone, has any information on what the earlier numbers represent, that would be most helpful and I hope to hear from you.

    If you want to, although it's risky, you can post up what code you were given when you first activated to see how it compares to what's in *3001#12345# (keep in mind, if places 19-28 are your phone number, it's probably not a good idea to post it)

    oh, and *3001#12345# will not allow you change the SOC / SID / MIN

    I'm thinking the first few digits have to be some sort of "hey phone, pay attention now, I want you to take the info i'm about to put in to program the SID and MIN" and perhaps a check sum.

    My next task would be to try and see if I can't up each number in place 1-14 one by one and up the number in space 28 and see if it will "code accept" if that works it will mean that one of them is a simple "add numbers together and take the last digit" checksum
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