Hey all, spotted a black Sendo X at my job (waiting tables in a resturant), had a definate TMobile sign instead of the sendo tag at the bottom. Just curious if maybe anyone knows of a deal with t-mobile? I should of asked the gentleman for some info but it looked to be a lunch meeting all about business so i didnt wanna inturupt him. Still after staring at it almost constantly im %99 sure it was a sendo (1st one ive seen in person). I flipped on bluetooth and checked to see if i could pick it up and all i got was a couple 630's (s.e. I suppose). By the way i have now seen this sendo, an mpx, 2 times i caught some moto mpx220's and a moto V3.

It's kinda nice to be close to moto's main offices. (40 miles north of Chicago, IL )

Dagan Buglio