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Thread: My GPRS Connection makes my GSM signal drops

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    My GPRS Connection makes my GSM signal drops

    i have a Moto V600, and i noticed that my GPRS connection makes my GSM signal drops.
    First i thought the problem was my V600, but then, i tried on another phones, Nokias, and makes the same thing.
    ANyone has this problem? how can i solve it?
    i even ask for a 2nd SIM card, but the problem remains.
    My provider tells me that the GPRS signal don´t mess with GSM signal, but i don´t believe it.
    The only way i tried to solve this on Nokia phones, it was putting the GPRS connection in "when necessary" and not "Only online".
    But i V600 i can´t make this. I´ve already tried to work with seems to activate the engeneering menu, but with no sucess. It was very confused for me.
    Please help me, because i can´t use my phone,. because when my phone drops the line, i can´t get it anymore.
    P.S: what´s the diference bettween the velocity (slow, medium, fast and continuos) on the configuration network menu?

    Thanks a lot

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    I would try recharging the battery to exactly 77%. See if that helps the connection.