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Thread: Need a little more time on a demo?

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    Need a little more time on a demo?

    After I broke details on BREW Revision 1's easy workaround on extending demos or turning them into full apps onto HoFo, I should have suspected Revision 2 would incorporate encryption and/or digital signatures into the MIF files to prevent further tampering.

    However, that doesn't prevent anyone from taking a "snapshot" of their MIF files for future reference.

    I remember reading a post somewhere here that one could download a 5-minute demo of an app or game, then after it downloads, it asks if you want to run it now, you click the CLEAR button instead of choosing an option, and you can "download" it again. Only, this time, it increases the time limit by the same amount. Doing this a few times could give you a cumulative 60 minute demo, or more, for example.

    That's where Bitpim comes in. After you've gathered enough minutes to play on the crapper or in a given session, don't run the app or game. Instead, connect your phone to Bitpim and download the appropriate MIF file to your PC and tuck it away for safekeeping.

    Now, enjoy the demo for a bit, and when you've run low or out of remaining time, just overwrite the same MIF file and you'll be back to when you first downloaded the app.

    Until someone comes up with a way to decipher the encrypted MIF file, this'll have to do for now.
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