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Thread: SCP-5000

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    lsft Guest


    Last night I actually saw Sanyo SCP-5000. It is very very very nice. Very light in weight, smaller, and very good colour and screen when comparing with Samsung SCH8580.

    My friend is a tester for this phone... the ringtones sound like the SCP-4500... very smooth

    The cost... he doesn't know.. but looking at Sprint PCS in the states selling Uproar for $399 USD.. SCP5000 is $499USD.
    so I think.. $550 CDN???

    What you think?

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    ymlccc Guest

    Re: SCP-5000

    Hey man
    For real? You saw it in Canada? I asked my local telus dealer last night (montreal), they said they never hear any thing about scp-5000....Everyone on this bbs says this phone will be available in the middle of summer...(this summer? ). Anyway, you are the lucky one...

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    howardchui Guest

    Re: SCP-5000

    Yeah I just saw a 5000 at a dealer today, it seems pretty small considering all the features but the screen looks pretty bad... like the Palm M505's...

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    ymlccc Guest

    Re: SCP-5000

    man!!! you guys are sooooooo lucky!!! i can't wait to see it!! Screen is bad?? Personally, i think battery life should be a big problem.....(120% sure you need a extended battery)...

    hey Howard, did they tell you the official released date for scp-5000??



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    Shadow Guest


    Telus people say it comes out late this month / early next month

    I asked when on thep hone with em

    Gaa, i cant wait =D has a decent review of it up

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