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    Official Video Conversion Thread

    Thats right its official, this is meant as a generally tutorial and will be updated periodically. If you have and questions concerns comments problems anything please feel free to PM me, email me([email protected]) or AIM me (greenlx93) This is the first version of the tutorial as I'm sure there will be some mistakes and some spelling errors LOL

    How to make a video for use on the V710 Using Mpegable X4 Live

    Upon opening Mpegable a Registration Screen will pop up. Just hit cancel

    Now you will be presented with 4 boxes layered in the corners of the screen. In the bottom left corner is a box titled “Settings”. This is the box you will be working with.

    First you will want to choose the file that you want to convert. This is done by clicking browse in the “input” section. Double click on the file you would like to convert.

    Next you will want to know tell Mpegable where to save the file. I made a folder title V710 and save them there.

    Ignore Step 3: Encoding Profile as we are going to create our own profile.

    Next click the Image Preprocessing Tab. Check the second box(Cropping/Resizing) Then press setup. In the Absolute size section click the QCIF(176x144) circle. In the Resizing mode section Click Bicubic and check the High Quality Box. Hit OK

    Next is the Video Preprocessing Tab. In the Target Framerate section click User Defined box and type 15

    Next is the Interoperability Tab. Click the 3GPP Circle and hit ok on the pop-up Now change the Audio Codec to AAC

    You do not need to use the Movie info Tab

    Move along to the Audio Encoding Tab. Change the bitrate to 48kBit/s, Channel to Mono and the Sample Rate Conversion to 22050 Hz

    Finally we are at the Video Encoding Tab. First change the Video Bitrate to 92kBit/s

    Move back to the Basic I/O Tab and press the Red Circle to begin encoding.

    Any questions comments or concerns can be sent [email protected]

    Aslo if you would like me to convert a file for you just email it to me or if you have converted a video and are having problems simply let me know and I will do what I can
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