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Thread: Good Coverage in Montreal and Ottawa, But Bad in Toronto.

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    torontonian2001 Guest

    Good Coverage in Montreal and Ottawa, But Bad in Toronto.

    I went to both Montreal and Ottawa, and Microcell got good coverage in both cities. Somehow, in Toronto, the coverage seems not very good, especially inside the malls and buildings. Whenever I go to washrooms in a mall, or to get deep into a store inside a mall, my Cityfone would lose all the signals. For Rogers and Bell, it seems that their networks penetrate deeper into the stores and washrooms, and that's what makes people choose Bell or Rogers AT&T over Fido/Cityfone.

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    Steve Punter Guest

    Re: Good Coverage in Montreal and Ottawa, But Bad in Toronto.

    You must live in an alternate universe. All you have to do is search through the vast array of newsgroup messages stored in DEJA.COM and you'd soon find that the one place in all of Canada where Fido coverage is generally considered poor is Ottawa.

    Coverage in Toronto is generally excellent, with a few exceptions such as Markham and certain parts of Scarborough.

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    torontonian2001 Guest

    Microcell Coverage in Markham.

    Actually, I don't find any problem with Microcell in Markham, except that there is a blind spot at the Markville Mall parking lot. I think that Microcell has intentionally lowered the outside transmitter's power to eliminate interference with the mall cell site.

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    Steve Punter Guest

    Re: Microcell Coverage in Markham.

    The problem right at Markville is that the closest site is blocked by manmade structures. Most of the strong signals that arrive there are reflected from surrounding buildings, and thus subject to high levels of interference from out-of-phase signals.

    Microcell Connexions has a big problem with providing strong signals to the "inner core" of Markham (centered primarily around the old village of Unionville). It also doesn't provide strong enough service along Highway 7 to penetrate the stores found there.

    Unless, of course, they've activated a new site I don't know about.

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