I have a php Pic Server here: humpa_mms.zip
Read the readme.txt - there is nothing to edit, though you will have to chmod 777 the pics and videos directories!
However, you may want to set Your Name and email address (this is only used as the From addy when sending pic as email, and is not needed).

It should work without any modifications.
It saves pics and videos, and it will also forward to an email address.
If you attach a voice record to the pic message, that is saved too.
If you include text, it is saved as the caption (for pics and videos) - if there is no text, but there is a Subject, then that becomes the caption.
I have customized it a bit for the V710 (I only have it check for 3g2 videos and qcp audio attachments), but pics and captions should work with any phonecam.

I use a variation of this on my phonecam page (in my signature), but here is a test of my humpa_mms package: