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Thread: Toronto Subway Coverage.

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    torontonian2001 Guest

    Toronto Subway Coverage.

    Anyone knows if Rogers or other service providers offer Toronto TTC subway coverage?

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    metacoretex Guest

    Re: Toronto Subway Coverage.

    just @ the above ground ones ...

    the TTC is supposedly only allowed to pick 1 of the carriers for underground reception ...

    thus, it has picked NONE of them ...

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    torotonian2001 Guest

    TTC Only Allowed to Pick One Carrier?

    Is there technical constraints with TTC? I know that Hong Kong's subway let all the carriers install their cell sites inside subway stations and tunnels, and I think that TTC could accomodate more than one mobile carrier.

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    metacoretex Guest

    Re: TTC Only Allowed to Pick One Carrier?

    i m also sure that they could accomodate all the providers ..
    soon it will only truly be GSM and CDMA [and analog, but i wish analog would just DIE] in toronto ..

    the reason that the ttc can only pick one carrier, is that the ttc is a city-controlled/operated commission, and thus the city has the final decision as to who can and cannot lay antennas underground ... [this is all from what i hav been told, don't quote me ... in fact, it was a LONG time ago i heard that they could only pick 1 .. so i will check soon for NEW info]

    all in all, there are 4 major players in the cellular industry in toronto [bell, rogers, telus, microcell] .. so the city would have to deal with 4 offers to add antennas .. this is all costing taxpayers' $$$ to deal with these companies .. plus it is taking away from more important issues that the TTC has to deal with .. the new sheppard line for 1 ... the city has to pick one provider in the best interest of the commuters and the citizens of toronto .. but @ the same time, this 1 carrier will have a MONOPOLY in the underground subway system when it comes to coverage. and again, the ttc has its own communication system underground .. there may be some issues with it and having cellular frequencies underground.

    the amalgamation also messed everything up ... the city is still not settled down enough in that process to assess this one.

    personally, i would have much rather seen some cellular service underground than say the RT [biggest waste of $$$ in toronto!!] .. but i aint a politician ...

    actually, i m going to try and get an interview with a ttc exec ... i would really like to KNOW why we DON'T have service underground ... look new york has it .. hong kong has it .. if we are all that mel lastman says we are ... we SHOULD also have it ..

    this could definitely be a ' exclusive story'

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    torontonian2001 Guest

    Re: New York got MTA subway mobile coverage?

    Oh, I don't know that NYC already got subway mobile coverage, as I used both my Mobility analog phone and my Cityfone to roam underground, but I got no signal one year ago. If they do have the subway mobile coverage, that's quite good.

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    metacoretex Guest

    Re: New York got MTA subway mobile coverage?

    only verizon [CDMA] has underground in NYC .. for now

    and they are rumored to be changing to wCDMA [a GSM technology]

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