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Thread: Boost Mobile and TeleNav GPS

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    Boost Mobile and TeleNav GPS

    God I love to share information!!!

    Ok, I've been wanting to use Telenav for a while now, but I've always used Boost mobile.

    I experimented a bit, and this is what ultimately happened, though not thru deliberate means:

    I got a Nextel account a few months back...the i710 with NW1000, and full Data Service package.
    The phone had TeleNav on it.......I signed up for Telenav the normal way via their website.

    I also have a Boost account with a boost sim card in it. My boost is just an i830.... Boost phones don't come with TeleNav, nor does the TeleNav registration process recognize Boost s/n, imei's and basically you can't register a subscription for the TeleNav Service/App on a pure Boost Mobile phone...?

    You can't use a Telenav on a Boost Mobile Account??

    I put my Boost Sim in the Nextel i710, so I could try Telenav...using a Boost Mobile account. So the i710 was powered up and it registered to the Boost Iden Net.
    It worked....TeleNave GPS App worked just fine!

    Long story short, if you have an ACTIVE Telenav account/subscription that was registered with a Nextel Phone/ can use Telenav on a Boost Moble account/phone/number/sim....!

    The logon via the java app on the phone will use an active NEXTEL phone number and pin that was setup initially to get Telenav in the first place...once that's's set! On the i710 I put my Boost sim in it, which of course had a totally differing phone number/sim/imei, etc....
    I fired up Telenav on the phone, entered my NEXTEL logon/# and pin...and BOOM...instant GPS navigation for a BOOST ACCOUNT.

    I reversed the process....I was able to get an "older" version of the Telenav app to upload to my BOOST i830 phone. The same asked me for the logon/pin, which was originally registered with Telenav with my cancelled NEXTEL info(phone number, etc.) and it worked just fine as well!!!

    Just wanted to share..

    peace....and I hope I made sense here.

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    Talking Telenav

    Telenav is agreat service, used it to get from NY to Boston and back. it doesnt like tunnels because it looses signal. But other than that its hot stuff.


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    You can sign up for TeleNav on TeleNav's website using your Boost phone #. At least they didn't require me to give them a S/N or IMEI when I signed up... Though there's no point in doing this unless you're using an old "Nextel" phone that has normal (non-boosted) TeleNav App on it. All of the new Boost phones comes with TeleNav for Boost on them.