OK here is the deal. I recently bought an unlocked/unbranded black Razr. I have all of the settings for WAp/MMS amd GMail and everything works great. Now all I need is AOL instant messenger.

a) I have tried to get it off of MEdia Net homepage but when I try and download it it says "Authentication Error, Application Not Installed." Does anyone know what the means and how to fix it?

b)the phone came installed with Wireless Village IM client but I can not find the settings anywhere to set it up with AOL IM. Anyone know where I can find them? Here are the settings I am looking for...

IM Servier: ????/
IM Port: ????
Post URL: ????

c) I have tried the seem edit seen in the Moto forum but that doesnt work just like no one else's worked but I thought I would give it a try.

If none of the above work does anyone know of a WAP site or somewhere else I can try and download it from? Any help would be greatly appreciated.