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Thread: verizon CSR

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    metacoretex Guest

    verizon CSR

    yes .. we all know that verizon's CSR r clueless .. so don't complain TOO much about them .. kz

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    DebsterZ3 Guest
    Well if it makes any difference the reps at Voicestream are clueless as well. Too bad these places won't hire people that know what the heck they're talking about. I am sure there are smart ones there, just so few that I never get one on the phone lol.

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    howardchui Guest
    Well I'd say most CSR's are somewhat clueless cause if they knew more they'd be doing something else... As long as they can read off of the screen that's probably good enough for the providers.

    Say, Debster you want to be a forum moderator?

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    This post from two years ago is kinda like today!!!

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