I'm trying to decide which provider to go with; coverage and GPRS capability are my only two decision criteria. Been trying to access Roger's coverage maps today but their web server seems to be up and down all day. Thought I'd post direct links to their coverage maps for reference.

Bottom line, and no surprise, Rogers coverage is/will be very soon - much deeper all across the country.

Rogers Legend

Rogers - BC
[ Lower mainland, much of populated Vancouver Island, Coquihalla hwy; Kamloops and north; Okanogan; southern BC, Cranbrook, Revelstoke, Golden - basically drive either route from Van to Alberta border and coverage much of the way.

BTW, this is not true of ex Clearnet Telus MIKE service!]

Fido - BC
[ Basically the lower mainland of BC, Victoria, Nanaimo and areas surrounding this. Misses huge areas of the province. Start heading east of Vancouver and within 90 minutes you are out of touch until 9-10 hours later in Alberta.]

Rogers - AB
[Today: Calgary and Edmonton city limits; 'Dec 2001' - Broad coverage all over south-central Alberta.]

Fido - AB
[basically from Banff to Calgary, and Calgary to Edmonton, covering the cities and highways to each end point. Fairly narrow coverage]

The most interesting thing in this comparison is that there are no network expansion plans listed on FIDO site...

Rogers - ON (Sorry I skipped over the prairies)
[ broad coverage, simlar to Telus. Didn't bother looking at Bell.]

Fido - Southern Ontario
[Hits the major centers but out of them, coverage is much narrower]

Rogers - PQ
[Extends east of Quebec City to Rimouski; north to Chicoutimi (hey, nice people there!)]

Fido - Eastern Ontario & Quebec
[ Ends at QC, narrower ]

Ok, no big surprises, what is a surprise is that Rogers schedule for surpassing Fido coverage, in a very big way, is next month - December...

So now I'm left with understanding differences in their digital offerings. I'm looking for GPRS connections with handheld (mostly) and (occasionally) laptop computers. Wondering if there are any significant differences in what they offer. FIDO's unlimited data / 1000 minutes voice plan for $100 is not completely unreasonable, given that prior to GPRS I'd have been on a slower CDPD interface with throw away hardware and, ultimately, less coverage -and that for 50$ plus about 500$ or more in hardware costs plus a seperate voice account and hardware.

I guess I'll put the results of that investigation in another post.