I think I should buy a BT dongle for my PC to do file transfers from my phone since I don't have a laptop or PDA or anything, just a PC.

1) Well I guess my first question is, I don't need a "Bluetooth Ready" PC correct? I'm under the assumption that every PC is "BT Ready", and that's what the dongle is for? As in, even though my Asus A7V8X motherboard didn't even know what BT was when it was created, as long as I plug the dongle in, I'll be fine?

2) And secondly, does anyone have any input as to what BT dongle I should buy? Any brands that are good? Anything to watch out for? here's what I was looking at on eBay, would that get the job done? And what is that cable for that's shown in the picture??

Much appreciated.