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Thread: Please help me hack into my cheating boyfriends phone

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    Please help me hack into my cheating boyfriends phone

    Hi, for along while now Ive been tryin to figure out if my bf is cheating. I have found him talking late into the night or ditching me for "work". I dont want to accuse him of something hes not doing but my past has taught me to be very cautious to things. I was wondering if anyone knows how to hack into a verizon phone. My brother somehow hacked into mine without ever using my actual password. He called my number and when he was told to leave a voicemail, he punched in certain numbers and whala, he was in. He def doesnt have my password so i was wondering if anyone knew how to do this. Of course my brother wont give me the numbers he dialed probably because he thinks ill go into his phone. Can anyone help me please!! Thank

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    Breaking into another persons property whether it be physical or digital without permission is illegal. Thread Closed.
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