[FONT=Georgia]Hello all!! Ijust transferrred from the VX8100 to the E815. What a difference but that is good and bad. On one hand the calls are clearer, better speakerphone, loud as hell, less echoing. One the other hand, better battery life, 8x as strong in vibrate mode, MINIsd cards cheaper, HACKING IS AS SIMPLE AS A CLICK WITH BITPIM,not on the E815.

So, i guess for what a PHONE is supposed to do, then you want the E815 . If you want a cool toy, the VX8100 is your CELLY!!!
Ok, now back to my issue. I plugged the E815 into my usb data cable and it starting telling that the battery was charging. I immediately took it out and returned the item(awaiting new).

Now, I plug in my celly for a year or for 1 second and it tells me I have full battery!!! How do I get this back to normal??

Thanks, I await all your replies !!!