Considered the finest LFE subwoofer ever made and fabulous for music. Deep, tight and with far lower distortion than most subs because of the bipolar arrangement. At 18 HZ you can put a glass of water on this and you won't even see a ripple in it. 2 12" heavy duty bipolar subs in a huge box driven by 400/1200 watts and weighing in at 110 pounds. This sub is mint and short of finding a new one in a box the condition does not get any better than this. Huge expanses of piano gloss black. WSR's reference LFE sub. Nothing, including Servo 15s come close at this price. $850.

Home Cinema Choice said in a review:

Meet a true North American bass heavyweight, the huge Mirage BPS-400 subwoofer. With just under a half kilowatt of power from an onboard pulse width-modulated power amp, driving two diametrically-opposed 12in cones of genuine might under serious grilles, this handsome piece of grown-ups' furniture is about as much as anyone could really need.

The impressively deep bass at the beginning of the Mars track on the DTS audio demo CD I tried has a huge 15Hz thrum to it. Even at a relatively low level, it scared a small child I had in the house at the time. It produced the heaviest, lowest wobbliest pressures ever heard in my living room. Well below the resonance of my glass cabinet-units, the feeling of moving eardrums was as hectic upstairs while the subwoofer was running, as when sharing the room with the brute.

A vast neo-subsonic weight fills the room, with staggering presence. The kick bass drum on another track was like being in a huge arena when the rock group is sound checking. You can feel the pressure wave simply waft clean through you. All this is achieved with utter control and tight footwork.

Never does it become muddy or strained sounding. An expensive piece most certainly, but absolutely monstrous in output. When explosions occur onscreen, be careful. You could find that without some of the pressure being released, it'll inflate your room to a spherical form for a moment. You have been warned.

This BPS-400 subwoofer is fabulous – an ebony-black expanse that’s best for clean and non-greasy palm-print homes. In every sense it’s a monstrous subwoofer, and a viable alternative to the REL Stentor II customer, or even the KEF’s mighty THX-approved £2.5K over-engineered behemoth. Able to reach down to 18Hz easily, it plays car audio ‘bass’ CDs like they were piffle, and has enough power to heat a small home. Two 12in drivers are enclosed within a big solid box and the best part of a half-kilowatt RMS drives them both.

It seemed like it should make a difference, but the subwoofer just didn’t care. It rumbled, thumped and all but blew the windows out of the frame. This Mirage not only has control, low-end fidelity and power, but also a bit of an attitude problem. Want to play your system politely at night? You’ll have to use the sub’s onboard volume control. If you don’t, the thing will just retort ‘I don’t give a FWOOOHM.’ I came to love it with a deep and abiding passion. My neighbours are so happy that we’re moving out soon.

Highs : Seemingly limitless low end extension, with a volume level that will wobble the glass in your windows. Like a velvet hammer with tremendous control
Lows : This monster will knock hell out of your relationship with your neighbours. A beastly subwoofer

All the power and grunting ability you could ask for. A Bipolar Bassmeister with a stunning ability to hurl huge great gouts of air about the room with pinpoint precision

Model : Mirage BPS-400
Approximate price : £1,300 Pounds.


Frequency response 18Hz-200Hz
Power : 400W from onboard Pulse Width Modulated amplifier
Connections : Stereo RCA input; mono LFE RCA input
Features : Sealed enclosure with two 12in drivers firing in bipolar array and 400W RMS onboard amplification; Auto on/off circuit; clipping protection circuit; gain and crossover point knobs
Dimensions : 597(w) x 546(h) x 459(d)mm
Weight : 50kg