V3C screen size/background size info:

Total Screen size: 176 (width) X 220 (height) pixels / 1.222" W X 1.528" H inches

************************************************** ***

Visible portion (ie: the part of the picture you can see above an below the banners):

176 W X 141 H pixels / 1.222" W X 0.979" H

If you center and color in/and or black out the portions above and below you'll
have exactly what you want in the center of the screen, It also will show up nicely on the outside screen - without showing the colored/blacked out portions.

Note: be sure to remember when centering it is an 'odd' size to fit between the banners and time&date info and will need to be 1 pixel/.005" higher/towards the top to fit correctly!

************************************************** ***

Visible portion + parts behind the banner & time date:
176 W x 186 H pixels / 1.222" W X 1.292" H

************************************************** ***

Not sure if this is useful info for anyone else or not, didn't come up by searching and I thought other people besides me would like to be able to have visible 'exactly' what we want as a background image. (that and a complete lack of anything else to do on a rainy sunday)