I have two water damaged phones that I am trying to repair. I'll label them as phone A and phone B. When pressing the power button each phone's keypad lights up and turns off, lights up again, and repeats this process (the screen stays off). I also cannot charge either phone, unless its charging and not acknowledging that it is doing so. When I try to enter bootloader mode by pressing the * and # keys and power Phone A gives me a black screen (it's lit up though). Phone B gives me the bootloader screen giving me the sw version and bootloader version and it said battery OK and plug in the USB cable. When I plug in the phones windows is unable to recognize the hardware. I deleted all of the motorola software I had installed and removed all motorola USB modems that were installed and I reinstalled PST and RSD. I still get this error with both phones. I tried different USB ports as well, and got the same error. I tried a different computer altogether that never had motorola drivers nor software installed and neither phone could be recognized. The phones should be recognized as something like S Blank Neptune LTE I think. Does anyone know what I can do to get windows to recognize that a S Blank Neptune LTE or whatever is actually attached to the computer rather than telling me it is an unknown usb device?