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The location-based service is done via IP and it has to be connected back and forth to a specialized server on the network side to do the calculation with the data gathered from the AGPS / AFLT components. Unfortunately, TELUS has yet to offer such access to the service. Those please read this FAQ at:

Bell has it with the value-added apps like MapMe. For the wireless e911, it is getting close to be commerically available. Bell has conduct trials last summer. However, it will NOT work if you force your TELUS handset to roam on Bell because the authentication measure will prevent non-Bell subscriber to access the location-based service.

So, any hack on the handset side would not do any good.

ok but if we go to the states and roam, would it be active then? since all cellphone providers would have gps enabled on their networks because of some law or something...

also has anyone hacked the mp3 ringtone yet?