I bought a new CX75. Installed the original Siemens software - Mobile phone manager (MPM) - that came within the package. Connected the phone to my PC via my old no-name USB-COM cable. MPM reported "No telephone connected" or something like that. I unplugged the new CX75 and connected my old CF62 - it was recognized immediately. Please notice - the old CF62 was recognized by the software intended especially for CX75!

Then I did made some attempts:
1. Downloaded and installed MPM from Siemens' official website.
2. Downloaded and installed 2 other programs - Siemens Mobile Control (SiMoCo) and [email protected]
3. Downloaded and installed the driver for the original Siemens data cable (thus replaced the driver that came with my no-name data cable).

The result was always the same - every possible program that I installed was recognizing the old CF62 while failing to do so with the new CX75. My good ol' no-name cable was working wonderfully with both it's own no-name driver and the driver for the original Siemens data cable.

So, where's problem? I think it's in the CX75 but where exactly?
1 - it it the software of the phone (SW-Version 05, Variant A 504) or
2 - the connection socket (it looks exactly the same as CF62's) or
3 - some menu settings are wrong (I personally think the settings of the phone have nothing in common with the connectivity problem)?

Please give some advice.