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Thread: Want PDA Phone for Cricket Wireless--any help?

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    Want PDA Phone for Cricket Wireless--any help?

    I'm looking for a PDA Phone that I can use on Cricket Wireless. They don't sell any at the Cricket store, and I only see one (used) on ebay that was supposedly re-programmed from Sprint (which is GSM, not CDMA--so I am concerned and have an email out to the seller). Can I buy another CDMA phone to have it switched to Cricket?
    I want to use this with a GPS software program as well, so I would love recommendations on the best models for this.

    Thank you!
    Sigrid Smith

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    There's a guy that hangs out at in their forums that is an ace at getting MSL codes for all Sprint phones, I can't remember his name, but he should be hard to find. He was only charging $10 per MSL the last time I used him, not sure about now.. but after he gets you the MSL, he can walk you through how to reprogram the phone for Cricket. Good luck!