Warning, I don't take any responsibility for this hack. Proceed at your own risk. Some hacking will be required. I'm not going to provide instructions on how to install drivers or use these tools, other forum members are willing to fill in that information.

You will need to find and install QPST, and have the LG Modem drivers installed that provide the Debug Port. You will have to find these on your own they can't be posted here as far as I know.

You will need to use the EFS Explorer to modify a java permission file on the phone to allow all access by default for all java apps.

Navigate EFS Explorer to LGAPP\Media\Java\ams

Copy the file "permission" from that directory to your computer. Modify it (on your computer using wordpad or notepad) and replace it's entire contents with the following.

domain: Un-trusted
allow: data_network_1
allow: data_network_2
allow: comm_connectivity_options
allow: all_app_autostart
allow: user_data_read_capability
allow: messaging_1
allow: messaging_2
allow: multimedia_recording

Once you have saved the modified file, copy it back to the same directory on the phone and overwrite it.

Once this is done you will need to turn off and on your phone.

Very important: You will need to delete and then re-install any java applications you have installed in order to make the new security permissions take affect. Currently installed apps will keep the old permissions so this has to be done.

I tested with flurry mail and google maps. I never get prompted for security permissions.

If someone could upload their permission file I would appreciate it as I forgot ot back mine up.