12 must use Apps for Windows Phone 8

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Jun 8, 2014
Group Tiles-Group Tiles is a Windows Phone app for those who like to have a little more organization to their Start Screen. Group Tiles does not create an app folder but rather a Live Tile label to help you group and identify collections of Live Tiles.

Windows Phone app for Desktop -an Application that Microsoft provides to seamlessly sync your Windows Phone 8 device with your desktop.

Xbox SmartGlass - offers a seamless experience across different devices and turns your device into a second screen and remote control. And lets you manage your content including game via Windows Phone 8 devices.

Facebook - with a minimalistic and clean UI the app stands out. The app offers all the functionality including posting status updates, check your feed, and stay connected with your social network.

Pinterest - If you have Pinterest account and fancy sharing cool pictures with your friends and family as well as bookmarking tool, this is the App you long waited for. The app uses the same grid layout and many of the same features found in its iOS and Android app, it is a Beta version though.

LinkedIn - Yet another social media app for your Windows Phone 8 where career-minded people meet and discuss and share future project and business.

meTweets - A twitter client that lets you customize and control your twitter experience and the features include scheduling and configuration features, time-delaying posts and handling multiple user accounts.

Evernote - powerful cloud-based note-taking app with metro UI and lets you take down notes, snippets of text, short audio clips, or pictures, tag and organize them. And you can sync your data with other devices.

Skype - Microsoft-owned application to keep in touch with your family and friends and make free skype to skype video or audio call. You can now use Microsoft account to sign in.

AccuWeather - Free weather application for up to date information about weather, The app comes with features like Severe weather notification, A Local Forecast Summary, Updates for current weather condition in every 15 minutes and app available in available in 27 languages.

Amazon Kindle e-book reader - A great app to get updated with latest titles and best sellers as well as catalog of thousands of free e-books from Amazon Kindle Store.

AppSwitch- The app is useful and handy for those who are migrating from other platform like Android and iOS. Just search with your old application name and the app serves you with an equivalent one for your Windows Phone 8 devices .
I agree with the above and would add:

On my Lumia 520 phone, I loaded a great app from the Windows Store called "#1 Toolkit", it has a:

-ruler (inches & cm)
-bubble level

-magnifying glass
-conversions (quantity, length, time, speed, mass, surface, pressure, data (kb,mb,gb), power, energy, volume, temperature)
-conversion (currency to currency or currency to 1oz of gold)

-sound level meter (in db)
-sound recorder
-stop watch
-world clock
-speedometer (for walking, bicycle, driving and flying)

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