$15 unlimited talk/text with no data

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Feb 17, 2008
I have a question about the TF $15 card for 30 days unlimited talk & text, and no data. Will this (a) still carry over data that is left over from previous months, or (b) make the line talk and text only? If (a) it seems useful for a user who does a lot of talk & text, and uses significantly less than 2MB of data a month.
There are no "T&T only" lines on TF, except as a result of your letting your data bucket go empty

Mixing the UNL plans onto a PayGo line is usually fine, except it can be hard to see "both sides" at the same time in MyAccount.

Do not stack UNL plans concurrently, let each expire, go back to the underlying PayGo-only status before adding the next UNL so you can see what is going on.

That $15 UNL (when things work properly) will

1 extend your overall line Service End Date by 30 days

2 suspend your T&T usage depleting those buckets since you bought UNL on those for 30 days

and 3 let you continue to use up or add to the GBs in your data bucket.
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Thanks. That's what I hoped, but didn't want to try and find out. On the other hand, it's looking like if I really need to make the move to unlimited, moving to someone else like US Mobile will make more sense.

BTW, AlexTrac PM'd me and actually answered the question correctly, rather than telling me to contact support.
I realize that I'm very late to this thread, but depending on your long term need for UT&T, one of these plans might be worth considering.

https://good2gomobile.com/ has UT&T&1GB/30 days, plus unlimited 128Kbps, for $5/30 days, paid $60/360 days.

https://hellomobile.com/ has UT&T&500MB/MONTH, data hard capped, for $5/month TOTAL, paid monthly (NOT every 30 days).