60$ 6GB Super Plan Renew/Upgrade?


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Oct 23, 2015
Hey guys,

My contract is ending soon and I have my eyes on that new Blackberry Priv. Has anyone been able to renew their 6GB Super plan for a new phone? If so, how should I guide myself to retention without having to leave Rogers because they don't seem to care anymore for loyalty. Any loyalty/retention stories will be much appreciated. I currently pay for 2 lines, completely the same plan (60$) + Caller ID.

Thank you
I used to work for Rogers and they strictly don't renew on this plan anymore, they might give you the same plan for more but with an expiring credit . All their promotions are for these new Share Everything Plans
Yeah, all they have been doing is pushing the share everything plans these days. The best way to go about it is to buy it outright & unlocked but I believe that's at a price of $899.99 + tax.