8-16 gig SDHC cards on Samsung Ace?


New member
Jan 20, 2009
I know that the Samsung Ace supports at least a 4 gig SDHC card after you install the script that enables it, and that it doesnt support SDHC out of the box. I've already used up the space in my 4 gig though, so I'm considering getting either an 8 or 16 gig. I just want to make sure that it can support those before I order them. I'm assuming that 4 gig sdhc is no different than the 8 and 16 gigs though. Can anyone confirm anything?

I got the same problem. Can anyone tell me if it works and if it does, how to do it. What can I use to enable sdhc cards?
Yeah, I did it. I spent a few hours searching it, but I can't find anything.. Btw, I'm not very familiar with android, so I don't know any special programs..