$99 yearly triple-bucket refill cards still available for old Tracfone TMFL SIMs?


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Jul 20, 2010
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My mother has two smartphones, activated years ago on Tracfone with the original 3-in-1 BYOP "Triple Minutes for Life" SIM packs. One is on Verizon, the other AT&T (until they force her off). She has been keeping her service active by buying the $99 yearly refill cards each June, to not have to worry about it for the rest of the year. These would be labeled 400 minutes / 400 texts / 400 MB, each of those amounts getting tripled when applied.

She's had to use more data than usual recently due to unexpected travel, so I was on the "new and improved" Tracfone site recently lo look at data add-on cards. While there, I noticed the old triple-bucket cards appear to no longer be listed for sale, and there's no mention I could find of any cards giving a year of service. Everything is now just based on dollar amounts. Did I overlook them?

Callingmart.com, a reseller we've used in the past, seems to now be the same way, listing dollar amounts for all of their Tracfone refill options (whether in PIN, RTR, Smartphone category), but with no detail of just how much service these amounts would buy, or for how long.

Is there still an option somewhere for adding a year's worth of service? Regardless of cost, she does not want a monthly plan of any kind.
The promo code 44282 takes $15 off the $125 smartphone plan.


I haven't been able to find a working promo code for the $99.99 one year service plan. Code 83597 doesn't seem to work.

You can also buy these plans from Walmart, Best Buy, Target, eBay etc.

Tracfone branded (non-BYOP) phones get another option in the cart under special offers which is a $49.99 365 service day add-on without bucket units. You can sometimes find a 1GB of data for $8 deal there as well.

Some people buy a low cost Tracfone branded smartphone bundled with 1500 minutes, text and data and a year of service off eBay or HSN for around $50 and transfer their service/line to that.
Thanks so much for pointing out those options, and the promo code, which we might take advantage of if it's still valid in a month or two (renewing early still adds the full additional year onto a phone's expiration date, right?)

I'm not sure how I missed those. I guess I was confused by the new layout of Tracfone's web site. Good to know that things are still the same in this aspect