Alcatel SmartFlip (KaiOS) Contacts Won't Load?

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Clueless Guy

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Aug 15, 2019
Has anybody seen this issue?

I just activated an Alcatel SmartFlip running KaiOS.

When I go to the Contacts section of the phone it says "loading contacts", and that screen never completes. It just keeps saying "loading contacts" for as long as I leave the phone on.

I can't access anything in the Contacts section, so I can't add new contacts. The entire contacts section is essentially dead.

I downloaded the manual, which explains all the contact section features, but it doesn't address this problem other than a single line in small print which says...

"Contact your network operator to check service availability."

Why would the network operator have anything to do with the contacts list on my phone? The manual offers no explanation beyond that one sentence.

Any ideas here? Is this a common problem perhaps?

Thanks for your thoughts.
For the benefit of anyone else with this issue, here's what I've learned. This is a known issue with this phone when your carrier (RedPocket in this case) sells you a 5G SIM to install in this 4G phone.

Here's a post which explains further:


This is a KNOWN problem. The problem is
caused by AT&T inserting a 5G SIM in a
4G phone (Alcatel Smartflip). You will
be able to initiate calls and receive
calls but the Contact menu will not

I confirmed the problem with the
manufacturer , Alcatel. Per Alcatel, the
Smartflip is a 4G phone. If a 5G SIM is
used the problem will occur.


1. Do nothing.

2. Request AT&T send you a 4G SIM. A
phone with a 4G SIM will work on their
5G network.

If you elect to do nothing, you may
access your contacts and edit by the
following procedure.

1. Power off phone, remove battery and

2. Reinsert only the battery, and
power-up phone.

3. You will now have full access to the
Contact list to edit, add and delete.

4. Once completed, Power off, remove
battery, reinsert SIM, power-up.

5. Now you're back to "square one".

Should you want to confirm the
information I have provided, you may

Alcatel by calling 1-855-368-0829.

Note: The manufacture, Alcatel, can do
nothing regarding the 5G SIM. It is
AT&T's problem.
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