An Open letter to those who PM me for help!!


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Dec 22, 2002
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I know writing this its not going to come across correctly, And Mod's I'm sorry, but I have to... so here goes..

While my signature states, "PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ASKING FOR HELP... POST IN THE FORUMS!! I am getting TOO MANY PM's and I can't keep straight who has what problem.." But I still get people who PM me asking for help... MOST of it is stuff that is already documented on my pages, or in currently active threads.

I ask to not be PM'd because

1. PM's can only be a certain character size limit, and you can only have/save so many.. so to keep long conversations of what all was suggested, tried, what the outcome was, etc is DIFFICULT!!

2. I don't visit this site every day, and when I do, its usually for a few minutes here or there.. So if you PM me, you might have to wait a while to get an answer. Post in the forums and you will usually get a response from one of the MANY OTHER knowledgeable forum members quickly.

3. The information and discussion of your problem might be helpful to others also having the same problem... If we discuss via PM.. its between you and me only... no one else can see it..

4. I don't know everything about every phone, so I don't always have an answer... My Profile and Sig both state I currently have/use a Moto V710 from Verizon. The info I've learned and know about the V3C and E815 are based on my READING of the forums.. All the posts, all the threads...

Now, because of that, If you really want to ask me a question... Post in a thread, then PM me saying something like "Hey Mark, I'm having a problem, can you look at... " and have a link to the thread or the individual post... I'll visit it... if I have an answer, I'll post it, and other might supply an answer for you too!!!

But When you post asking for help, please provide as many details as possible... Thinks like which OS/Service Pack, which phone (if your profile is nOT filled in), what data cable (brand, part number, etc), what drivers (where did you get them), what software (and version numbers), what EXACT steps you took, and what happend... if you got an error messsage quote it exactly (don't say "i got something like 'Error'") The more specific you can be to start with, the quicker we can provide an answer. In other words.. if you post "its broke, fix it for me" it will take longer to get help than if you say "I have MPT v3.28, a Moto E815, a Moto SKN6311 cable, BVRP DriverTool, and when using MultiMedia Studio's Mobile Exploere I get 'Communication link broken by phone' message"

Now a few of my pet peeves that might cause you to receive a "Not So Nice" reply if you PM me...

1. PM'ing me with the EXACT SAME TEXT as you have posted in one or more threads... I view this as wasting my time. When I visit the site, I immediately get a pop-up about new PM's so I view/respond to PM's as soon as I visit this site. Once I've responded, I view the threads. By PM'ing me the exact same text, you are making me read/reply MORE THAN ONCE and i find that RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL!!

2. Don't PM me asking where to get software. On my pages I clearly state... "Please Note: I DO NOT have the software for distribution. If you need it, it is up to you to acquire it. " and my PC software page says "Here is a list of software used to put the tones and graphics onto the phone.... Links are provided for the software that is either Freeware, Shareware, has a Demo available or can be Purchased On-Line. If a link to download is not provided, it is because the software is NOT FREE or I am not 100% sure its free. I can not provide links to pirated software."

So when it come to "Freeware" or Shareware, I have links on my pages... When it comes to MPT, I have links where to purchase it and even have discount codes listed if you want to purchase directly from BVRP's web site. When it comes to PST, there is no link and the description I have for it even states "Not available for legal download to the public, only available in Motorola Service Centers."

3. PLEASE be sure your profile here reflects your current provider and phone.. That makes it easier to know what we are talking about.

4. Please SEARCH these forums... there are many talented people here, and a LOT of information!! If you can't find it by searching, try scrolling through the first 5 pages of the thread listing and just read the titles... you are bound to find a thread that already discusses what you are asking.

5. I know my pages are slightly dis-organized, but PLEASE READ the info on my pages.. It answers MOST questions... If you can't find it... On the left is the Navigation links... (there are E815 link and V3C Info Link with more "phone specific" info...) There is also a FAQ in the upper right... and thanks to Humpa, there is a SITE SEARCH button to do a Google Search of my pages...

6. If you have things you dislike about my pages... please do not just say "they suck" please provide feed back of exactly what you feel needs to be changed, and suggestions of how it can be better.. (again, see my signature as it states "If you have suggestions on making my page better, PLEASE PM me!!"

This is my hobby... I do it for fun. BUT many of the PM's I am getting are starting to make me think about giving up this hobby and moving on.
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Your information and compilation of information onto your pages has been extremely valuable and helpful. There are many MANY of us who have been greatly helped by your efforts, and we very much appreciate it.

As always, when you offer advice and know what you're talking about it, there will be many many lazy idiots who will take advantage of it and you and abuse the privilege of having access to your advice. :doh:

Thank you for posting your open letter, and hopefully it will help. Unfortunately, though, I doubt it will. The same lazy idiots who don't take the time to look for answers won't take the time to read your letter to them, and probably won't even notice it.

For those of us who you have helped, try to ignore them and don't give up. Hopefully, a few words of encouragement from the many silent of us who have benefitted greatly will keep you going. If not, we will still understand if you give up this hobby, and will still be greatful for all you've done for us.

first of all i sorry but i was searching the forum and i found something you posted and clicked on it and it said to contact you via pm not email i would have posted execpt i don't know how please let me know were to post the proplem i am having is that i can't pair my v710 with the axim x51v.
jughead21 said:
first of all i sorry but i was searching the forum and i found something you posted and clicked on it and it said to contact you via pm not email i would have posted execpt i don't know how please let me know were to post the proplem i am having is that i can't pair my v710 with the axim x51v.

Fitting name. :lolup:
Start a new post with a title that clearly expresses the problem.
Then in that post, explain the problem you are having and then everything you have tried to do yourself and then all relevant information about all the hardware and software involved, ie: model numbers, OS versions, software revisions etc.
That is the way to make a post that will give you the best possible opportunity for others to help with your problem. That is what Mark is trying to get folks to do.
Just a helpful hint.
Damn noobs.
Mark, you are doing a great job and the members of this forum and others really appreciate your efforts.

Thanks again, and hopefully you will keep up your wonderful work.
Not only that, but people forget most of us have jobs.....actual paying jobs....and the information and help that is at their disposal was done for FREE and on personal time. Mark, your pages are extremely helpful and I don't blame you for one second for posting your letter. Keep up the great work and don't let the noobs and lazy nature of impatient people ruin your excitement for mobile phone technology.

I believe I speak for many when I say "Thank you"
yes thanks for your help. a lot of the info that i didn't want to search for on the boards were all on your page. and the stuff that weren't, i found through search.
I wholeheartedly agree. This forum would have 3/4 less posts if people searched. More traffic for this site I guess.
Bump for newbies to read, since I'm still getting PM's and EXACT POSTS in threads of the SAME QUESTIONS :doh:
str8edgepunker said:
Ah just flame them back. They love the attention.
I don't like to flame anyone... however, I have just started replying to PM's asking for help with only a link to this thread...

Hopefully they will read this, then search, visit my pages, and if they still can't find the answer, start a thread... and if they still really want to ask my help, they will then PM me with no more than a link to their thread asking me to please read it and answer if I can.
Problem is, new people join all the time and through reading posts have figured out that you know quite a bit about modding phones. They fail to read your whole sig or just think that maybe you don't really mean that you don't want redundant PM's. Unfortunatly, your knowledge is well known and too many people want their questions answered "right now" without having to do their own searching. Mark, I think you are going to have a hard time getting away from the noobs but please don't let their inconsideration ruin your passion for MP technology. I would hate to see you give up.
Mark I would also like to thank you for all your hard work and helpful information. Your information has helped me numerous times. Unfortunately people are just lazy and those are the one's that ruin it for the rest of us. HOFO would have a lot less helpful threads if you weren't around.

I must say you have a lot more patience than I do. I don't know how logical this is for you but if I were you I would just turn my PM's off because I don't see this getting any better. The lazy people who PM you probably aren't going to read this thread.
so mark should i just pm you everday then?

just kidding. point taken. ;)